In case you hadn't noticed, boys and girls, web authoring isn't as much fun as it used to be. Remember the good old days when a web site consisted of a single HTML file and a couple of GIF images? You'd crank out the page in Windows Notepad, boot up your FTP client, upload a few files to your Unix server, and you'd be done. Pass GO, collect two hundered dollars, on to the next site. Holy smokes, what's happened to the web lately? Java applets, animated graphics, PDF's, databases, downloadable fonts... how are you supposed to keep track of all of those source files? And the technologies! CGI, Active Server Pages, DHTML, Shockwave, Acrobat, JavaScript... who can keep up with all that crap? Every time you wanna edit something, you gotta start up a new application. On top of that, you build web sites for a living, so you're publishing to Unix servers, Windows NT servers, Domino servers, CD-ROMs... what was that FTP user ID and password again? Nope, it just ain't like the good old days. The creative part is still fun, but the techno part is more like rocket science. Yeah, Rocket Science, that's what it is.

You know what would be cool? An application that did the techo stuff for you so that you could just, you know, MAKE STUFF! Like, you could make a web page, and then the software would figure out what was on it and automatically keep all of your files together for you. And then to edit a file, you would just click on it and the software would automatically load it into the right application for that type of file. It would even show you thumbnail images so you could click on a picture instead of a file name. And then the software would automatically publish everything for you. Not just to a Unix server or an NT server, but to ANY server, or maybe just to a CD-ROM or a directory on your network. Yup, now that would rock fully. Something that did the Rocket Science part for you. But where would you find such an application? Who would be diabolically clever enough to build such kick-ass piece of software? Hmmmmmm...

What could you do if you had Advanced Alien Technology at your fingertips? Take a look and then join the club! Build a cool site with Rocket Science and earn yourself a spot here in the Galactic Gallery!


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Rocket Science features:

Hybrid HTML editing; edit tags in dialogs or as text
One-click editing of any file in your project
One-click automated uploading
Publish a single project for Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM or all three
Macro support: automatically insert dates, files, etc. during publishing
HTML validation (supports W3C/Netscape/Microsoft/ASP/Cold Fusion)
Spell checking
Page previews in Netscape, Microsoft and most other browsers
Automated link checking
Complete project management, including time tracking and reports
Web site mirroring/spanning
Automated HTML content generation
Automatic graphics format conversion and optimization
Graphics, page template and macro library management
Supports limited-lifespan documents for automated periodic publishing
Seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop®, Macromedia Director®, etc.
Supports Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, plug-ins, style sheets, frames, more!

Alchemy Rocket Science was previously released as "Alchemy", a product name that we can no longer use because of a trademark dispute. Here's what the critics had to say about the award-winning artist formerly known as Alchemy:

PC Magazine

"Alchemy is powerful. Site management is Alchemy's great strength. It can be a valuable web project creator (particularly for experienced site developers) because of its solid site management and integration capabilities."
CD-ROM Professional says:

"Alchemy is one of the most comprehensive tools available, keeping the user in touch with HTML while adding the link-checking and site-uploading capabilities of FrontPage® or SiteMill®. The real strength of Alchemy is in its organizational abilities."
The Andover Network says:

"This ain't no HTML editor (though you'll find one packaged inside). Nope, this is an open freakin' architecture program that has one mission in life-- to make yer goldang life easier. And that's Cool."
Australian Personal Computer says:

"You can manage any number of sites without the need for constant reconfiguring. The integration is first rate. Publishing is very easy, and Alchemy` does an excellent job of verifying links and checking for correct HTML syntax."