Rocket Science is made by me, Mr. Mike Dailor. Me and my dog Bailey the Wiener Dog, and my cat Spike, and my cat Chowderhead, and my fish Captain Kangaroo who is an 11-year-old short-bodied catfish in case you were wondering. I publish Rocket Science under the company name "Atomic SoftWorks", because I wanted to create a logo with atoms on it and none of my clients were interested in having sub-atomic particles on any of their letterheads and so I decided I'd just start my own company. And this is the story of my one and only product, a web authoring tool called Rocket Science.

I started creating Rocket Science in 1995 because I was building web sites with a text editor and an FTP client, which totally just Sucked with a capital "S". It was first released in 1995 under the name Alchemy, before Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe SiteMill or Allaire HomeSite or ANY other web development environment existed. Everyone used Unix web servers back then, and HoTMetaL and HotDog were the HTML authoring tools of choice. When PC Magazine reviewed Alchemy in their "HTML Editor Roundup" issue, they had to create a whole new category for it. When CD-ROM Professional Magazine saw it, they said "This is going to change everything". When a certain company in Denver saw it in CD-ROM Professional Magazine, they said "We have a lame-ass product that no one ever heard of called Alchemy which is used to speed up CD-ROM access, and we are going to sue your ass unless you stop using our name. So get your stupid ass back to your stupid drawing board and think up another name". I'm pretty sure they said "ass" three times, it's kind of hard to remember now since it was a long time ago and I was drinking a lot more Jack Daniels and smoking a lot more clove cigarettes back then. Plus I took the Kurt Cobain thing pretty hard, you know? Anyway, I put on my thinking cap, and I asked their lawyers if I could call my software "Mr. Mike Dailor's Frigging Alchemy", just to, you know, differentiate it from THEIR Alchemy, and they said "no". Then I asked if I could call it "The Artist Formerly Known As Alchemy", and they said "no", and I think they said "ass" again. So I thunk and I thunk, and I came up with the name "Rocket Science", which I found out was being used by a game software company in California that was about to go belly-up because they had really cool games that all the critics raved about but no one would buy them. So they went belly-up, and I started using the name, and now I have a really cool application that all the critics rave about but no one will buy it. Some kind of Kosmic Karma, right? Ah well, at least I have a tool now that makes my life easier, and I hope that you'll love it and buy a copy of your very own. I'd like it even better if you'd buy my company so could retire and start a travelling S&M disco cover band called Disco Apocalypse, but I'll understand if you don't. Thanks for listening!

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