Come on son, you know you want to, so hop in and take 'er out for a spin. She's gassed up and ready to go, and I think there's even a box of Cheez-Its in the glove compartment. Just have her home by midnight, that's all I ask. Oh yeah, and if you want to keep her, you gotta pay for her, and she's a real steal at $29.95. But we'll talk money later, for now you just go ahead and enjoy yourself. Go on, get the heck outta here and get your swerve on, I got a shop to run.

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Please note: This software is specifically designed for Windows 95/98, and gets its amazing Super Powers from operating system features that are not available on other computing platforms, including Windows NT. Rocket Science will not run on Windows NT, and I do not plan to release an NT version. Rocket Science will not run on Windows 3.x, and there will be no Windows 3.x version. No, there will not be a Macintosh or a Unix or a Linux or an anything-else-ix version either. Because I said so, that's why. Now leave me alone and go build a web site or something, can't you see I'm busy?